About Us

What is Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball all about?

The Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball League is a youth oriented program dedicated to good sportsmanship and respect for the rules of Baseball. The guiding principle of the Babe Ruth baseball program has been, and continues to be, promoting what is for the good of youth. All individuals involved in Sparks Babe Ruth are required to be dedicated to educating the game of baseball and sportsmanship alike.

Chartered in 1961 and incorporated in 1975, Sparks Babe Ruth maintains teams in the 13 - 15 Division (13 - 15 yr. olds) and teams in the Senior Division (16 - 18 yr. olds). We play on average an 18 game season, with the seeding for the Sparks City Tournament based on the FINAL league standings. In 2021, the Royals took top honors as the Sparks City Champions for the 13-15 year old division! Additionally, the Senior division champion Athletics took top honors for the 16 - 18 year old division! Congratulations to BOTH teams!

Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball established in the Sparks Community for over 50 years prides itself in providing equal opportunity and quality baseball for all children ages 12-18. For tournament/travel team children to High School, from the Prep to the Main division the Babe Ruth program has proven to be an asset to community sponsored baseball. Additionally we encourage participation and parental involvement and respond to all reasonable requests in a timely manner since this is your league!!! Surrounding businesses and sponsors have thrived in this relationship from the old Charlie Smith fields to the new Golden Eagle facility! We hope to continue that successful track record by encouraging all within the community to become actively involved in your league, Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball!

2022 Board of Directors

Every year in August the Board of Directors meet to elect the new Board for the following year. These positions are held for one year and require a great deal of dedication from the individuals filling them. Sparks Babe Ruth has been fortunate to have a quality group of individuals on its Board. If at anytime you need to contact any of the individuals below, please click on the name corresponding to the position and you should be able to email them directly. Please note, not all board members have access to email. Your members for the 2022 season are:

  • President - Elisha Zayas: Responsible for all SBR league matters
  • Asst President - Niko Budija: Reports to the League President; presides in the League President absence
  • VP 13-15 Division - : Responsible for all Manager/Coaching concerns, rules, etc.
  • VP 16-18 Division - : Responsible for all Manager/Coaching concerns. rules, etc.
  • Treasurer - Erica Kelly
  • Player Agent - Kay Russell: Responsible for Player registration, teams mgmt, tryouts, draft and player selection
  • Secretary - Tembra Wright-Hay - Official league secretary documenting all league discussions and meetings.
  • Insurance Coordinator - Tembra Wright-Hay - Responsible for player/manager/coach - SBR league insurance
  • Assistant Player Agent - Elisha Zayas
  • Snack Bar Coordinator - : Responsible for open/close, shopping, store manager, bank deposits, etc.
  • Equipment/Uniform Manager - Chuck Curran: Responsible for all team baseball gear & uniforms provided by SBR
  • Head Scorekeeper - Kay Russell: Responsible for player/manager/coach lineup batting/pitching rules adherence per game per team
  • Special Events/Media Coordinator - : Responsible for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or associated social media applications designed to promote the SBR Baseball league
  • Umpire in Chief - John Patterson
  • Web site Management - Elisha Zayas

Board meetings are held once a month with exception to December. Check the home page for time and location of the next meeting - The public is invited and anyone can attend. Volunteers are needed for open positions as available!