2022 Sparks Babe Ruth City Tournament Rules

  • All games run the normal 7 innings with no new innings will begin after two hours.
  • The Final Championship game will run a full 7 innings, no time limit (with exception to mercy rule)
  • Ties will be played out. The ten (10) run mercy rules after 5 innings are still in effect.
  • The visiting team on field 6 will have snack bar responsibility.
  • Home/Visitor will be decided by coin toss prior to game start by team Manager/Coach.
  • Home team will reside in the 3rd base dugout only (either field).
  • Forfeits apply; please ensure your lineups are prepared in advance.

    Please ensure you track all pitching counts as pitch count rules still apply:

    • 13-15 Division: 0-45 pitches no rest needed. 46-75 pitches 2 calendar days rest needed.
    • 16-18 Division: 0-45 pitches no rest needed. 46-75 pitches 1 calendar days rest. 76-105 pitches 2 calendar days rest needed.
    • Pitching rules are modified to all 7 innings every two games, not days in any combination i.e. Thursday, 4 innings Friday, 3 innings Saturday etc...- As long as it total 7 innings in two games ( or less) Additionally using one pitcher for 7 innings one day will force said player to rest the next game before being allowed back on the mound. Additionally and for example, if a player pitches 3 innings on Thursday, and your team does not play on Friday, he/she still can ONLY pitch 4 innings on Saturday.
    • All pitching changes per tournament game MUST be made via the PLATE UMPIRE. All other position and/or substitution changes should be made at the scorekeepers table.
  • Regular season game protests rules apply. At the time of the incident notify the head umpire that you are protesting an interpretation of the rule so that it is noted in the scorebook. The protest committee will convene to hear the protest immediately after the head scorekeeper reviews the game and notes the protest. A decision will be forthcoming immediately. If you do not file a protest immediately after the call and the inning continues, your protest will be ignored after the fact.
  • Sparks Bath Ruth city Tournament is scheduled to run one week. ALL requests for modifications to the tournament schedule will be denied.
  • Head first slides and vaulting rules apply in accordance with local league rules.
  • Player minimum play time rules still apply in accordance with local league rules.