2019 Coaching Information

Coaching information effective Spring 2019 baseball season:

  • Team availability is determined by player registration numbers and returning manager/coaches to their respective teams prior to tryouts.
  • If you are interested in Managing or Coaching a team you must fill out a manager/coach request form at player registration. You will not be considered for a coach/manager position without this form completed and handed in. You can download, print and fill out this form in advance by clicking HERE.
  • As a team selected Manager, If your child is on your team, you MUST fill out an Sparks Babe Ruth Player Option form. You can download this form by clicking HERE This must be performed prior to tryouts else your child will be eligible for the player draft and can wind up on any team.
  • All new and incoming (as well as existing) Managers, Coaches, support staff who come in direct contact with player personnel must complete background screening and sexual abuse prevention training in order to qualify as volunteer staff following the interview and vetting process. No exclusions, no debate. The fee for the training and background check is $25.50, payable online. Please refer to the following resource for additional information: Background Screen & Sexual Abuse Prevention. You will be notified if there are any issues immediately and privately. The background check is a standard requirement by all organizations who solicit volunteers to work with children on any level.
  • All new/incoming managers and coaches must complete the National Babe Ruth League Coaching Certification program - Coaching Advanced Baseball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches. Additionally any new coaches certified from any other jurisdiction, state or city must provide proof of certification prior to consideration as a manager or coach in Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball. Verification must be provided to the SBR league Player Agent upon completion of the program. You will not be considered to coach or manage a team without certification. This is a mandatory national league rule. Every team manager and his coaches must complete the course in order to participate. The fee for the certification is $24.95. If you are a 2018 returning manager/coach and completed certification last season you are exempt from testing again, (you will still need to supply certification credentials).
  • Cal Ripken Coaching certification does not apply so you will need to complete the advanced level certification regardless of Cal Ripken credentials.
  • Once you are selected as a Team Manager you must select a coach prior to tryouts. If that coach has a player, you will have to add him to your roster prior to the draft. If not, that player will be eligible to be drafted by any other team. You are allowed only ONE managers and ONE coaches option for the draft
  • Additionally, you are able to select up to 3 coaches for a total of 4 team staff members including team scorekeeper
  • Coaches clinics are mandatory and required when announced. From time to time we will request assistance from local high school baseball coaches to help our program feed theirs appropriately. The fee to you is nothing however their time is valuable to them and subsequently to Sparks Babe Ruth. We appreciate your compliance.
  • All Managers selected will be required to obtain a sponsor for their team. Details will be given at the Managers/Coaches meeting TBD shortly. If you cannot priovide a sponsor for your team you may not manage your team with any proximity to the team dugout until you acquire those resources.
  • Managers will be able to select their own coaches however the selections must complete the coaches cetification program also. For the safety of the children and the integrity of the league, please select your coaches wisely.
  • Managers and Coaches are required to be uniformed and must provide their own team baseball pants/jersey. Sparks Babe Ruth will provide the Manager and Coach with a baseball cap.
  • If there are issues with your background prior to applying, or if during the course of the season you encounter challenges Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball League will examine and discuss the issue privately and separately with you however Sparks Babe Ruth Baseball League, Inc. reserves the right to terminate your managing/coaching elligibility/obligation at any time.
  • The above is subject to change or modification without notice.
  • Any questions pertaining to the above, please contact/email the SBR Vice President 13-15 division by clicking here

For additional coaching certification details click HERE to go to the coaches information page