Sparks Babe Ruth Local League Rules

The below is a copy of our local league rules above and beyond those rules set forth by Babe Ruth National. These rules take effect at the start and through the end of the season and City Tournament:

  • There is a 2 hour time limit on all games. No new inning can start after 1 hour 50 minutes. If an inning has started, it must be finished. There is no drop dead time. Tournament rules negate any drop dead time rule and all games must be played in it's entirety to completion. A NEW INNING STARTS WHEN THE LAST OUT IS MADE IN THE PREVIOUS INNING. (If the third out is made and there is one minute left in the time limit, that new inning must be played).
  • Each team will supply the umpire with one new baseball and one good used ball.
  • The home team will be in the third base dugout.
  • The home team will provide the official scorekeeper. That person will sit behind home plate at the scorers table. The visiting team will provide someone to run the scoreboard.
  • Batting practice using the entire field is not allowed. Hitting soft-toss into a net or hitting whiffle balls on your side of the field is ok. Pre-game infield is allowed providing there is time for both teams to take it.
  • On deck hitters will retrieve foul balls or balls getting by the catcher with no one on base.
  • The only person allowed to discuss calls with the umpire is the manager. Constant remarks from managers or coaches directed at umpires will be cause for ejection.
  • The 10 run rule after 4 or 5 innings is in effect.
  • Only the manager, 2-3 coaches or team scorekeeper will be allowed in the dugout. All three coaches/managers must be in uniform. The team scorekeeper need not be in uniform.
  • While warming up pitchers in the bullpen, a spotter with a helmet on must be used to protect the catcher.
  • Only coaches and one on deck hitter will be allowed out of the dugout. If you sit on a bucket, it must be off of the turf area. The area in front of the dugout is a live ball area.
  • If there is a game following you, you must get off of the field and out of the dugout asap. You will have to hold your team meeting away from the field.
  • The use of the Extra Hitter is optional. If you start with 10 players, you must finish with 10. The E.H. is treated the same as all starters
  • You are allowed to re-enter your starting players. They must re-enter in the same position in the batting order.
  • If a team has used their subs and a player gets injured, ejected or has left the game for any other reason. i.e. (a parent taking their child), the game will continue as long as the team has nine or ten players. If there is only one sub, he will be allowed to enter the game. If there is more than one sub, the opposing manager will choose who enters the game.
  • Speed up rules allow for a courtesy runner for the catcher position ONLY. This will only be allowed for the catcher after 2 outs in the inning.
  • Due to safety concerns, a player sliding head first or vaulting at home plate is not allowed. If a player does so, this will be called an out at home plate under all circumstances, no exceptions.
  • Managers are responsible for the conduct of his coaches, players and fans.
  • Major League Baseball pro rules will be in effect with the exception of excessive contact on baserunning plays. This is the umpires judgement if the contact is malicious.
  • It is the responsibility of the Visiting team on Field 6 to man the Snack Bar - FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF YOUR GAME! If you cannot find a parent then the team Manager or Coach MUST occupy the Snack Bar until a replacement is found.