Sparks Babe Ruth Pitching Rules

Sparks Babe Ruth League Pitching Limitations:

  • A Pitcher, regardless of league age may pitch seven (7) innings per calendar week. This rule applies to all regulation games regardless of when played.
  • If a pitcher delivers one (1) pitch in an inning, that pitcher shall be charged for one complete inning pitched.
  • If a "NO-GAME" is called then the pitching during the game is void.
  • For the safety of the players, pitchers regardless of age may only throw a total of 70 pitches per game. Managers should invest in a pitch counter to help with the pitch count. In the event the 70 pitch maximum is reached during an at-bat, the pitcher may finish the at-bat but must then be removed once the at-bat has been completed. It is advised that the competing managers and the head scorekeeper should check pitch counts following each completed inning to ensure consistency.
  • Sunday through Saturday constitutes a calendar week, however on Sunday pitch counts will be reset.
  • A Pitcher must have two days rest between pitching assignments in which he or she pitches in 4 or more innings. Each game a pitcher pitches is considered an assignment. EX: A pitcher pitching four (4) innings on Monday cannot pitch again until Thursday at the earliest. If a pitcher has pitched one (1), two (2), or three (3) innings on Tuesday, he or she can pitch the following day however the accumulation of innings count towards the weekly total of seven (7).
  • Games in which an ineligible pitcher has been used as specified above shall be declared a fofeit. Likewise a pitcher who has pitched a game well past his or her limit set forth by the above rules shall be determined as ineligible and the game is forfeited to the opposing team no matter the original outcome.
  • If your pitcher has pitched all seven innings in one game that pitcher cannot be used for the remainder of the week until the innings are reset on Sunday
  • Pitching rules apply for Sparks Babe Ruth games only and will be monitored. It is up to you to manage and protect young arms during non-league play (inter-league).